[sticky entry] Sticky: The Multifandom Drabble Exchange

The Multifandom Drabble Exchange was originally conceived of as a simple low-stress way to test the Imzy platform for running gift exchanges. While Imzy is now gone, my love for drabbles remains. So here we are again.

This is an exchange for stories of exactly 100 words. All fandoms are welcome, no matter how small or large, including original works. Timelines for each step of the exchange is a week, to keep it simple, and there is no punishment for defaulting.
Rules for future rounds will not be identical to the first, as those were tailored for running an exchange on Imzy.

2017 Schedule:
  • Nominations: Sunday, June 11 - Friday, June 16
  • Sign Ups: Sunday, June 18 - Friday, June 23
  • Matching: Sunday, June 25 - Friday, June 30
  • Assignments Go Out: no later than Saturday night, July 1
  • Assignments Due: Saturday night, July 8 Tuesday night, July 11
  • Pinch Hits/Treat Writing: Sunday, July 9 - Friday, July 14
  • Collection Opens: Sunday, July 16
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[sticky entry] Sticky: Treat Challenges!

So there were some suggestions of treating everyone who requested kink with an explicit drabble, and someone was looking for crossover requests.

Well, here's the post to track that on. Anonymous commenting is ON.

The treat collection (open)
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Works Revealed!

 Go forth and comment!
Moderation is off. If you have any late treats or treats that were caught in limbo (wrong word count, draft status), just delete the collection off, then read it and it should skip moderation.

And please remember to thank your writer! Even if you aren't thrilled with the results, a simple "Thank you." for their efforts is common courtesy.
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Treaters, Pinch Hitters, and Writers, Oh My!

 Wrote drabbles, but received none?

If you'd like some, you can comment some requests here. Please stick to the tagset.
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Amnesty Prompting for Smutty Treats

Guys, everyone has assigned work and treats. Call it a mini-madness and just have fun. Go forth and drabble!
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We Did It!!!

 Everyone has a treat!
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All assignments are in!

 Now go forth and treat!

We've almost got every single participant a treat in the treats collection. Let's make it 100% treats!
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Coming Down to It

We've only got two outstanding assignments and one person without something in the treats collection and a few more days to go!
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Post-Deadline Pinch Hits ALL CLAIMED

There are three pinch hits, and someone check your inbox! I have not approved your fics yet.

If you want a pinch hit, please reply with your AO3 name. Comments are screened.

Pinch Hit #1: Moana, Damien, Once Upon a Time, The Wicked YearsRead more... )

CLAIMED Pinch Hit #2: Supergirl, Agents of Shield, The Vampire Diaries, DC Cinematic UniverseRead more... )

CLAIMED Pinch Hit #3: Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy X & Final Fantasy X-2, Mad Max
Read more... )
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Treats in the Main Collection

 I have invited the treats from the main collection into the treats collection. I have not rejected them from the main collection as apparently this can result in the work being visible.
  1. Please accept the invitation to the treats collection.
  2. Then please edit the work and remove the main collection from the work data.
If you need help finding your work, use the Works in Collections link on your own works page. You can see and edit your own unrevealed works.

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Posting Reminder

Moderation is on to check word count and for placeholders, mostly. Nevertheless, I've rejected a duplicate work, a couple works that looked like they were written for a completely different challenge, and a couple treats, which I then invited to the treats collection.

This makes it much easier for me to track assignments. If your work has been rejected in error, please contact me.
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7 Pinch Hits

I miscounted: there are seven initial pinch hits. These are also due on Tuesday, July 11.

Comments are screened. Please reply with AO3 name.

Pinch Hit #1 CLAIMED

Fandoms: Invisible Library, Man in the High Castle, Divine Cities )

Pinch Hit #2 CLAIMED

Fandoms: Shades of Magic, Six of Crows, Psyren )

Pinch Hit #3

Fandoms: Major Crimes, Dark Matter, Z Nation, Teen Wolf )

Pinch Hit #4 CLAIMED

Fandoms: Call the Midwife, Endeavor )

Pinch Hit #5 CLAIMED

Fandoms: Stella Glow, Tales of Xillia, Chrono Trigger, Mother 2: Gyiyg no Gyakushuu | Earthbound )

Pinch Hit #6 CLAIMED

Fandoms: Road to El Dorado, Vorkosigan Saga, Homestuck )

Pinch Hit #7 CLAIMED

Fandoms: Dance Academy, Divergent, The Retired Angel of Death, Razor Sharp )
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Assignments Due

 Tuesday, July 11
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Assignments Sent!

 8 pinch hits going out soon
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Going to bed now...

But will check first thing in the morning for any replies and try and get assignments sent. Sorry for the delay. 
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Matching is Done

 Two users with no recipients, usernames beginning with L and F, have not responded to my emails yet.

Unfortunately, AO3 isn't letting me send assignments with them empty. Please check your email if your username begins with one of these letters!
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Matching in Progress

 I am late in the process of matching and emails are going out to writers as I come across those with no recipients. Please check your email!
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Assignments Timeline

There is a non-zero possibility I should have given myself until sometime Sunday to get assignments out. It may come to that, though I'm hoping it won't.
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Sign Up Question Sent

Sent an email request to a participant about their signup. If your username begins with m, please check your email!