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There are three pinch hits, and someone check your inbox! I have not approved your fics yet.

If you want a pinch hit, please reply with your AO3 name. Comments are screened.

Pinch Hit #1: Moana, Damien, Once Upon a Time, The Wicked YearsRead more... )

CLAIMED Pinch Hit #2: Supergirl, Agents of Shield, The Vampire Diaries, DC Cinematic UniverseRead more... )

CLAIMED Pinch Hit #3: Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy X & Final Fantasy X-2, Mad Max
Read more... )
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I miscounted: there are seven initial pinch hits. These are also due on Tuesday, July 11.

Comments are screened. Please reply with AO3 name.

Pinch Hit #1 CLAIMED

Fandoms: Invisible Library, Man in the High Castle, Divine Cities )

Pinch Hit #2 CLAIMED

Fandoms: Shades of Magic, Six of Crows, Psyren )

Pinch Hit #3

Fandoms: Major Crimes, Dark Matter, Z Nation, Teen Wolf )

Pinch Hit #4 CLAIMED

Fandoms: Call the Midwife, Endeavor )

Pinch Hit #5 CLAIMED

Fandoms: Stella Glow, Tales of Xillia, Chrono Trigger, Mother 2: Gyiyg no Gyakushuu | Earthbound )

Pinch Hit #6 CLAIMED

Fandoms: Road to El Dorado, Vorkosigan Saga, Homestuck )

Pinch Hit #7 CLAIMED

Fandoms: Dance Academy, Divergent, The Retired Angel of Death, Razor Sharp )

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