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Sent an email request to a participant about their signup. If your username begins with m, please check your email!
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Thank you all! Matching will begin.
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Countdown Clock Here

Please have your reading/writing preferences filled out in the signup form by the time they close. I'll be emailing reminders to anyone with remaining placeholder content.
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 If it's not in the signup, it's not in matching. Reading/writing preferences must be in before signups close, which will be sometime in the next 8-10 hours with a 1 hr warning post before.
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It dawned on me I gave myself a week for matching. I will wait to close sign ups until whatever time Sunday morning I reach the computer to start that process.
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Sign ups are open here:

The tagset has been copied here in an easier to read format:

You can only request/offer fandoms that are in the tagset. For Rules and FAQs, go here:


  1. You can request 2-4 fandoms and offer 3-5.

  3. Preferred characters and ships are optional and not restricted to the tagset. Your writing/reading preferences are required, as I do hand matching.

  5. If AO3 won't add a tag because it's non-canonical, just add it to your optional details section.

  7. You can use a sock (a new account created just to participate in exchanges) or add your works to the Anonymous collection on AO3 when you post it. "Socking up" is not against the rules of this exchange.

  9. You can request crossovers between fandoms included in the tagset by asking for the fandom "Crossover Fandom", then describing in your Prompts / Likes. Please include the fandom names. You can also just request your fandoms and add an optional crossover option/prompt in the Prompts / Likes section of a particular request. You can also use this space to opt out of any crossovers.

  11. For offers, you may do the same, make one offer "Crossover Fandom" and list the crossovers from the tagset you're willing to write or add a note under a particular fandom that you're willing to write crossovers for it and with what fandoms. You can also use the details space to state you are not willing to write crossovers.

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